ProMotion takes your company to the next level

By offering effective social media marketing services, ProMotion ensures the optimization of your advertising budget for maximum efficiency on every platform.

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ProMotion offers a wide range of marketing services tailored to your unique business needs.

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A Remarkable Marketing Expert

ProMotion possesses the expertise to give your business a significant boost.

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Guaranteed Results

ProMotion ensures that results will be achieved together.

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Knowledge and Expertise

ProMotion has expertise in understanding your target audience, optimizing campaigns, and improving marketing effectiveness.

A simple, yet powerful and efficient process

Your time is valuable. That's why ProMotion strives to provide result-oriented solutions without unnecessary complexity. With our proven approach, we can effectively and purposefully achieve your marketing goals. From the initial introduction to execution andoptimization, ProMotion ensures a streamlined process that puts your success at the forefront.

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1. Marketing Plan

In the first step of our process, we work closely together to develop the marketing plan. We listen to your vision, understand your business goals, and identify the desired outcomes. Through extensive discussions and analyses, we create a customized marketing plan that reflects your specific needs and objectives. This thorough strategic approach lays the foundation for success in the subsequent steps.

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2. Execution

After developing the marketing plan, it's time to bring your goals to life on your company's social media channels. ProMotion optimizes your social media channels, manages campaigns, and ensures consistent and impactful messaging. Through targeted targeting and strategic planning, we work to increase audience engagement and drive conversions.

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3. Grow and Scale

In this final step of our process, we emphasize frequent communication and feedback. We keep you updated on the progress of your marketing campaigns, analyze the results, and adjust the strategy as needed. By regularly consulting with you and incorporating your input, we create a partnership focused on growing and scaling your business. ProMotion is here to support, advise, and assist you in achieving lasting success.

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The core values, in a nutshell

It's helpful to know what ProMotion stands for as an organization and what you can expect.

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Customer first

ProMotion cares about the needs andgoals of its clients and strives to provide customized solutions that supporttheir success. Customer satisfaction and success are our driving forces.

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ProMotion believes in being action-oriented. We take initiative and turn ideas into tangible results. By focusing on efficiency and effective implementation, we ensure that our strategies come to life and propel your business forward.

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Growth is an essential aspect of ProMotion and our clients. We strive for continuous growth together, both on a personal and professional level. We remain dedicated to learning, innovating, and adapting to take your business to new heights.

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ProMotion embodies a passion for what we do. We are passionate about marketing and helping businesses achieve their goals. This drive and enthusiasm result in engagement, creativity, and extraordinary results.

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ProMotion understands the importance of time in the business world. Therefore, we ensure that we fulfill our promises and meet deadlines. We strive for smooth and timely execution of our services because we recognize that time is crucial.

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ProMotion sets the highest quality standards and continually strives for improvement. We believe in delivering excellence in our services and exceeding our clients' expectations.

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Who am I?

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About Jan Loosen

Jan Loosen is a 26-year-old Belgian with an extensive background in various fields of work. From his work for Google partners in Barcelona to his involvement with data platforms in the Netherlands, Jan has gained a wealth of experience. His passion for social media marketing has inspired him to establish his own marketing agency at the age of 26. Born on April 23, 1997, and raised in the picturesque town of Zoutleeuw.

Jan has spent a significant amount of time in Leuven and Antwerp as a student-entrepreneur. However, his adventurous spirit has also led him to pursue professional volleyball in countries such as Slovakia, Denmark, and Germany. This is a combination he continues to achieve to this day. With his broad experience and entrepreneurial mindset, Jan is determined to succeed in his own agency.

He brings together his knowledge, skills, and passion for social media marketing to help businesses grow and strengthen their online presence. Jan is a dynamic and enthusiastic professional driven to achieve results and satisfy clients with effective and strategic marketing solutions.